One thousand lightbulbs

Hello, welcome to the website.

I’m trying an experiment these days - running a parallel blog and digital garden, with the two hopefully cross-pollinating one another and providing both a flow of time-bound material (via the blog) referencing a repository of more evergreen reference (the garden). We’ll see how that pans out.

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Refreshing the site, adding some features and removing others.

A brief discussion on the hottest new decentralised messaging protocol.

A post that's far too late about a competition far too few of my friends will care about.

A technique for generating interesting scenes in GMless play.

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Making glyphs for fun and profit

A considerably darker scenario for Golden Sky Stories

Make mind-maps fast.

Sheets, aides and icons for the Freemarket RPG

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Landing page for my digital garden

How many ways can we think about storing random facts?