My name is Jan-Yves Ruzicka, and I’m a recovering academic in the city of Wellington, New Zealand. I’m currently getting over a recent delusional fling with globalism.

I’m currently working as an analyst with the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment. I spend my time alternating between building systems in R, and wrestling with legacy systems built in…less elegant languages.

Outside of work, I’m heavy into fancy tea and tabletop roleplaying. I’m the (current) face of ConFusion, and administer the Wellington Roleplayers Slack group. Feel free to join up if you want to find a roleplaying group in Wellington, build a space for your existing group, or just discuss gaming in Wellington.


This blog is assembled from haml, markdown, sass, and javascript using nanoc, and hosted on netlify. Background image is from subtle patterns, and everything else is (probably) made from scratch.

Blog design is an ongoing thing - this design has been influenced heavily by Derek Sivers and bsag.