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Shifting to netlify

A quick housekeeping note - this blog is now hosted on netlify. Netlify is a hosting company who focus on static site hosting, which is pretty exciting given how this thing was previous hosted on an Amazon S3 instance whose approach to static sites was pretty much: “Eh, I guess you can do it here.”

In contrast, Netlify is built not just to accept static site hosting, but to encourage it. No longer do I have to produce every single html page locally and push it to the host: instead, I can git push the whole thing to my remote repo, and Netlify does the whole compilation/rendering thing for me.

Site update

A (very) quick update on the status of 1klb. I’ve been purposefully silent over the past month or so: as well as being busy in real life, I was planning on shifting the blog over to Wordpress. However, a bit of experimentation with the general Wordpress platform has convinced me that it’d be tricky to port over all the weird corners of the website. I think I’ll be sticking with static site for the near future.

With that decision out of the way, I can work towards adding content, rather than just tinkering with code. I’ve got ideas for a redesign soon1 – until then, I’ve got some writing that might eventually make its way online, as well as part two of my New Voices in Larp series which has sat at 85% done for the last half-year.

Disabling disqus

Part of the thing about running your own site/blog is being able to get away from that horrid miasma of the “commercial web”: siloed annexes of untransferrable content linked by globe-spanning advertising/profiling networks. So it’s not great to hear that Disqus, a staple of the static weblog setup, is all into the advertising business.

I’ve had a couple of interesting discussions on here due to commenting, but this place has always been (and likely always will be) pretty low-traffic, which means low comments. So in the interest of not contributing to company advertising profiles, I’m turning comments off.

A new lick of paint

If you haven’t noticed (hello RSS readers), I’ve done a significant site redesign. It’s also been a chance for me to clear out some of the cobwebs that’ve built up in my giant nanoc Rules file.

Worth noting: I’ve also moved the atom feed for the blog here. /atom.xml will continue to work for the next few months, but I’ve put a nice big warning at the top of all posts and will be disabling it at some point in the future.

Back up and running

And we’re back in business! It looks like the RSS feeds all sputtered a bit upon re-generation/syncing, but from this point on everything should continue to smoothly operate according to plan.

I’ve already advanced the site, with a staging server sitting on S3 so I can preview changes as they would appear online, and used it to significantly improve my 404 page. Now visitors from previous links will be automatically shuttled to the correct page via the magic of javascript, because S3 doesn’t allow you to have fun with .htaccess files:

Further renovation

Hey folks! Over the past week or so I’ve been playing around with shifting my site from jekyll to nanoc. This post is mainly to mention that in the next few days I’ll probably be shifting the site from one format to the other.

From what? To what?

Jekyll is a static site generator (SSG) written in ruby. Nanoc is also an SSG written in ruby. They’re both ways of turning a collection of documents into a static website, but I’ve recently been wondering if jekyll was the right fit for me. Last week, in a fit of pique, I decided to work out how hard it’d be to switch my current site over. The answer: not so hard at all.

Site upgrades

Of interest and note, I’ve finally got some free time on my hands. That’s resulted in my poking around the site generation code, and now we’ve got some modifications:


You may notice the little magnifying glass in the top menu: it’s a pretty simple javascript-powered search page, but it should be handy for when you hit a 404 page and are sure there’s an article on something here.

Site update: feeds

I’ve poked around in the codebase, and there’s now RSS feeds for individual categories, should that sort of thing float your boat. Now you can grab just updates about coding, or gaming, or just writing updates (because those come along so often). Everything is in the html head as well, so your feed reader should pick these feeds up if you add the site.

A list of all available feeds is available here.

A change of scenery

You may notice some changes around here. I’ve just switched from Squarespace to Jekyll as my blogging engine, which means I’ve had to poke around with the code and get it just to my liking.

Jekyll isn’t quite as “click a couple of buttons and you have a website” as Squarespace, so I’ve been gradually building mine up from gem install jekyll onwards. The documentation in some areas seems to be lacking - I’ve actually been doing a tiny bit of work on the code, and that’s helped immeasurably in teaching me how it works.

Treading water

It’s been a while.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been lending a hand to at least three projects, each of which could take up about 60% of my waking life. Two of these are work-related and somewhat unavoidable, and one is something I agreed to a long time ago.

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