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Hello folks! Do you use omniboard, my sparkling-fresh ruby-only program that pushes your Omnifocus database to an HTML-styled Kanban board? If so, and if you keep it up-to-date, you may have noticed some hiccups recently.

In with the new

OmniGroup recently announced that they would be encrypting server-side documents held on their Omni Sync Server, which is awesome! Stuff should be encrypted! Encryption is good. Of course, for the hobbyist programmer with people using their tools, encryption means yet another layer between their program and usefulness, and a lot more spots where things can get wrong.

Omniboard 1.0

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been chipping away at bugs, feature requests,1 and other miscellanea for what is officially (as much as that means anything) Omniboard V1.0.

What’s Omniboard?

Omniboard is a small ruby library that does one thing: it turns your normal OmniFocus library into a Kanban-style board of projects, each sorted according to the criteria you provide. It does this by reading the database files produced by OmniFocus, which means that you do not need a Pro account (or even to have OmniFocus running) in order to run Omniboard. That’s kinda cool - you can find out more about this on the project page.

OmniFocus + Kanban: the next generation

Everyone loved that little gem I made to convert OmniFocus projects into a kanban, right? Scarily enough, I made that post almost three years ago, so I figure it’s time for an update.

I recently posted about rubyfocus, my pure-ruby OmniFocus bridge. Since then I’ve been working to revamp kanban-fetch, my old kanban board application, to use rubyfocus. I’ve also taken the opportunity to add a couple of other features to the application, including a major change: rather than running on top of sinatra, my new version generates a static website. This is great news if you can’t be bothered running a pow instance on your machine or otherwise don’t want to serve up a whole webserver program for a one-page application. Column configuration is also much improved, and you can now change all sorts of variables to make your columns and projects look exactly how you like them.