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Stakeholder analysis and Larp faction-building

Stakeholder identification and analysis is a technique you might come across in white-collar work. Its purpose is to help you identify and characterise all the other people who have a stake in your work (in other words, your “stakeholders”), whether they happen to like or hate you, whether they hold power over you, or you hold it over them. It’s the kind of thing you’ll often see in business or government settings where there’s lots of people with vaguely related (but not completely parallel) goals.

Even if you don’t work in the kind of corporate setting, though, this setup – multiple factions all pushing their own agendas and working at vague cross-purposes – may well sound familiar to you from Larp. And while actual stakeholder analysis is an important but boring piece of many peoples’ work lives, that doesn’t stop us from applying it to the trivial (but much more fun) purpose of parlour Larp design.

Away from goals in LARP

There’s a design pattern in a lot of LARPs I’ve been in - especially big (>20-person) affairs. The pattern is that of the goal-driven character, and where I come from1 this pattern is prevalent to the point of ubiquity.

When I receive the character sheet for one of these LARPs, this is what I expect to get: