A series is a set of one or more connected blog posts on a topic. This page collates these series - where I've gone back and identified them - so you can run through them in order. They might also give you something a bit more meaty to delve into than just one blog post on a subject.

Building an object model in Vue

As I started playing around with Vue, I found that I was lacking a good framework for building object models. This series documents how I started to create an object model vaguely reminiscent of Rails’ ActiveRecord.

New voices in LARP

A series (well, a two-post series) of thoughts about how LARPs run, and how we could possibly make them run better.

Revamping 1klb comments

A deep dive of how I rebuilt my commenting system for this blog in raw javascript with only a couple of dependencies. Goodbye disqus!

Ten books I enjoyed

Back in 2020 I wrapped up the year by writing about ten books I enjoyed over the year. Then I did it the next year. Now I’ve split it at the half-year point and do two posts a year.

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