One foot in front of the other

I’ve been slowly - slowly - plodding away at coding MailSend, my work-in-progress, learn-as-you-go email-sending application. With thesis-writing out of the way I’ve got a bit more time to devote to this project, and while every step is slow as treacle, I am getting somewhere.

Today marks the culmination of several days’ painstaking work getting NSOutlineView to play nice, which finally ended in an IMAP “sent mail” selector that I feel I can be proud of:

The sent mail selector, in all its glory.

This option takes it place alongside the rest of my server configuration window in the preferences pane:

From here, that whole sheet is compressed into one button.

For future reference, if you ever find yourself hammering away at NSOutlineView, wondering why it own’t display the names you give it, check in interface builder that you have the correct content mode selected, otherwise you’ll be yelling at your computer for at least one afternoon:

None of the documentation I could find mentioned this little tip.

If there’s one thing a Ph.D. in the physical sciences readies you for, it’s dealing with a thousand small failures and keeping your eyes on the big success.