Site upgrades


Of interest and note, I’ve finally got some free time on my hands. That’s resulted in my poking around the site generation code, and now we’ve got some modifications:


You may notice the little magnifying glass in the top menu: it’s a pretty simple javascript-powered search page, but it should be handy for when you hit a 404 page and are sure there’s an article on something here.

Which, oh, by the way, leads me to…

URL switcharounds

At some point in the last week or so, I managaed to completely screw up the site’s URL scheme. Blog posts that were previously /blog/foo.html started getting generated at /blog/foo/, and I genuinely don’t know what happened.

So, that’s fixed now.

Additionally, I used to have a vast array of “alternative” post URLs (of the form YEAR/MONTH/DAY/TITLE) that were simply redirects. Those all lead to 404 now. Search will cover the rest, right?


Oh look disqus on the bottom of each page. I’m sure this will end wonderfully.