A change of scenery


You may notice some changes around here. I’ve just switched from Squarespace to Jekyll as my blogging engine, which means I’ve had to poke around with the code and get it just to my liking.

Jekyll isn’t quite as “click a couple of buttons and you have a website” as Squarespace, so I’ve been gradually building mine up from gem install jekyll onwards. The documentation in some areas seems to be lacking - I’ve actually been doing a tiny bit of work on the code, and that’s helped immeasurably in teaching me how it works.

It seems there’s not a huge amount of documentation out there on how, for example, plugins and generators and pages work together1, so I’m going to see if I can put up some tutorials, documentation, what-have-you over the next month or so, in the hope that I can ease others into the transition.

For the moment, however, I’m going to just let this sit here and hope nothing breaks.

  1. Either that or I completely suck at googling for it. Let’s not discount this as an option.