Website love letters

Created at
26 February 2024
Last modified
01 April 2024

This is my place to drop a list of websites I like details of, what I want to steal, and the like. Think of it like a tiny channel or mood board which I can come back to for my own site.

  • The colours, the typography, just the design and vibe.
  • The densely-packed two-column list of all the links you should ever care about.
  • Obviously the colophon.
  • The 404.


  • I visited this on mobile the first time around and I liked it a lot. Only saw the full-screen version after that.
  • I like a simple navbar, mainly because I hate mine right now.
  • I feel like I’ve been hunting for good colours to use on a dark version of my site forever and this site has like a bazillion which all work how?

Smol Pub

  • This is a super nice minimal design which works on mobile and just expands to work on desktop without actually changing format at all.
  • Sometimes I want to completely nuke my CSS and just keep to something like this.

James Taylor-Foster

  • Look at this website. It’s literally just a nice font, well-laid-out, on a white background. It has no business looking this nice.