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In October of last year, I wrote a thing in which I needed some coins to appear. I immediately wondered: “what should they be called?” Sure, I could just use “pennies”, or “cents”, but here was on opportunity for world-building, damn it!

Because I overthink things, I immediately went, “Well, what do other people name coins after?” And after a little research, I found an answer, and kept writing.

Constructing languages with Markov chains

I really don’t know if I should put this under “coding” or “gaming”. Like a good number of things I enjoy immensely, it’s a combination of two equally geeky subjects.

The process of building a constructed language (or “conlanging”, as it’s also known) is something that I consider integral to the whole world-building process. It’s easy enough to throw down some consonants, put a couple of apostrophes, exclamation points, or dashes in the mix, and call it a day, but that will just leave you with a hodgepodge of badly-formed words with no unifying character, like you’ve just raided the remains of your Scrabble game.