In a fit of cleanliness, I’ve recently been cleaning up unused accounts on the internet. This post by Sven Fechner is a great help in working out which passwords you use and which you don’t: I’ve been using a very similar system to track which accounts I no longer use around the internet. Daily deal sites (where I bought one–inevitably terrible–product and then forgot about them), forums I no longer frequent, old sign-up pages for conferences, software websites with sign-up-only free trials…the list goes on. Since 1Password has been busily collecting every password I’ve used, it’s suddenly a lot easier to find all these old accounts.


When I decided I should regularly cycle/spring clean my passwords, I thought that “every six months” was a good frequency. There’s a problem with this: I vastly prefer small, do-every-weekend tasks over large dedicate-an-afternoon tasks, and faced with the sheer magnitude of logins stored in 1Password (624 at the time of writing), I simply gave up. “I’ll deal with it next time the task comes up” I thought, merely delaying terrible feelings for another six months.