Say what you want about Microsoft, OneNote is a pretty good notebook tool. Well, let’s clarify: OneNote for Windows is pretty good. I tried OneNote for OS X recently, and it leaves a lot to be desired. My go-to equivalent on OS X for the moment is Flying Meat/Plausible Labs’ VoodooPad1: it’s not quite as nice (in my opinion) as OneNote is on Windows, and some of the UI decisions could benefit from an update, but it does the job OK. I used to use it for a bunch of my literature notes during my Ph.D., and now I’m making a return to it for some of my other projects around home.

Every program has its benefits and its drawbacks, but some things just aren’t worth not having. When you’re writing notes, being able to quickly add headings or format lines is super-handy: something OneNote does really well, but something that’s still missing in VoodooPad. After about five minutes of playing around with VoodooPad I decided I needed to fix this problem, somehow. The obvious answer would be to take advantage of VoodooPad’s ability to run plugins, as long as I could work out how to actually do this.