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rb-dayone update

In a fit of goodness-knows-what, I’ve finally updated rb-dayone, adding search support and the ability to edit and delete existing entries.

rb-dayone is a ruby library for interacting with the OS X journalling application DayOne. The app runs on OS X and iOS, and is pretty popular in nerd crowds for day-logging, activity-tracking, and the like.


I’ve been a wee bit quiet lately, and some of that is in part due to focussing narrowly on writing a paper as part of my Ph.D. When you spend all day making coffee, so the analogy goes, the last thing you want to do when you get home is drink another coffee. I’ve spent my spare time meeting up with people, strengthening social bonds, and generally not doing much writing at all.

However, this weekend I got some time together, and I decided to spend it polishing up a ruby library I’ve been working on. I now have a ruby gem published, sitting out in the wild, waiting for someone to use it to make awesome things.