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Missive update 0.3.0

Missive 0.3.0 has just shipped. Since this is the first app update on nanoc, I’m current crossing my fingers that Sparkle updates correctly and updates head out.

This update is mainly small improvements and bugfixes for stuff I’ve run into recently. Elements have been lined up better, errors are reported and dealt with in a more sane and extensible manner, etc. Hopefully, given my current schedule, I’ll be able to start adding even more awesome features to the app. At some point in the future I’d love to have PGP support, for example…but that may be some time away.

Missive: just send email

Right, Missive - the app that I’ve been working on recently - is ready for the public (or at least, it doesn’t break horridly and does what it should at this stage). It’s by no means finished - it’s pretty bare-bones right now, even for a simple mail client - but it works for basic emails, because you don’t need formatting for a two-line email to tell someone they need to buy some milk or what-have-you.

If you’d like to try it out, it’s available here. I’d love to receive feedback on it - what feels good, what doesn’t, what needs polishing. I’ve got a number of features planned in the next little while to make it more and more useful: we’ll see how long each of those takes to implement, but expect to see more information as I continue to add to the app.