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Programming in Lua for Trunk Notes

Here’s a thing I’ve been working on:

I’ve got all my GMing notes in Trunk Notes for iPad, which is still awesome1. I have pages for different plot threads and factions, people linked off of those, and their relationships with one another all mapped out. Tagging helps a heap - being able to just dump a list of everything tagged “Front” or “Faction” means I don’t forget about this one thing off to the side.

My gaming workflow

Time to switch tracks completely, once again.

In my spare time, I do a bit of roleplaying. Because being a Ph.D. student and coding in my spare time isn’t geeky enough. I’m a fan of a number of games, but my current game is a campaign of Apocalypse World.


So this weekend I was supposed to finally get around to doing hobby work. I’ve just upgraded to Lion, which means a major version upgrade of XCode, and that means that my current “learn how to code in Cocoa” project won’t compile, and that will need some in-depth analysis. (Or at least, in-depth for me, which may be cursory and obvious once you’ve had a few months’ worth of Cocoa programming under your belt.) Plus every other project I’m supposed to work on, committee I got drafted onto, and also tidying up various bits and bobs from this “day job” thing you’re supposed to care about.

Unfortunately this all got derailed because on Saturday morning I acquired two things:

  • 1
  • 2