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Living Dungeon World 2.0

At some point in the future, I’m planning on running another West Marches-style campaign. I’ve been a part of one before: run using the Dungeon World system, with a bunch of other GMs, for our local University roleplaying club, we called it Living Dungeon World. That would make my upcoming1 campaign Living Dungeon World 2.0.

If you’re hoping for a detailed post on the finished product of LDW2, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. Instead, this is a short list of changes I’m planning on making, and notes on the process as a whole.

Urban World - Chases

Radio silence while I figure out a number of side-projects. However, in the meantime I’ve been working on some optional rules/moves for Dungeon World. Our last Dungeon World game took place in a pretty urban environment1, and one thing I found was that the regular moves don’t really account for the city as environment, setting, or community.

Well, that needs a bit of a caveat: Dungeon World is totally cool with the idea of cities, mechanically speaking, but they mainly exist as locations for resupply, or places to be defended from great evil. The sprawling metropolis of sword and sorcery fame, on the other hand, is less of a thing to be protected and more of an environment in its own right, existing above and apart from nations and rulers: you can invade such a city, beseige it, afflict it with plague; people die, empires crumble, powers fade, but the city lives on. The city is, in essence, its own front in the same way that Apocalypse World’s Landscapes or Dungeon World’s Dungeons are fronts: a place with its own impulse and moves.

Living Dungeon World

This year my local gaming club has been running a multi-GM persistent world campaign called Living Dungeon World. At its peak we were running five to six games (each with five players) per week. Players were posting actual play reports in excess of five hundred words, which is pretty good for games that would be three to four hours long. By the end of the campaign we’d spanned thirteen years of game time and two major story arcs, helped a number of gamers get into the habit of GMing, and considerably boosted the profile of roleplaying at the club.

In this post I’m going to outline the premise of Living Dungeon World, how we set it up, what we changed as a result of experience, and an overall evaluation.