Shifting to netlify


A quick housekeeping note - this blog is now hosted on netlify. Netlify is a hosting company who focus on static site hosting, which is pretty exciting given how this thing was previous hosted on an Amazon S3 instance whose approach to static sites was pretty much: “Eh, I guess you can do it here.”

In contrast, Netlify is built not just to accept static site hosting, but to encourage it. No longer do I have to produce every single html page locally and push it to the host: instead, I can git push the whole thing to my remote repo, and Netlify does the whole compilation/rendering thing for me.

The netlify experience.

I’m looking forward to implementing things I thought I’d never see on this site, like https and comments. This might take some time, though - writing for this site has dropped off as my life has continued to get busier and busier.