A quick personal update


I tend not to post personal updates to this blog, as I figure it’s a site for professional (or at least hobby) articles. The content should be interesting to you regardless of who I am. However, enough little things have happened in the past month or so that I feel it’s worth posting a short note here.

First, about three weeks ago I managed to expose my laptop to a small liquid spill - partly through my own absent-mindedness, but mostly (I’d like to think) due to the vagaries of fate. Thankfully, the machine was insured, and I had been keeping backups. Unfortunately, the last backup was from late September: I ended up losing all my data from the month of October, including a massive rehaul of this site’s layout and css. Since I got the machine up and running again, re-creating the new site has been my top priority, which at least somewhat explains the lack of articles on the site.

Old-as-hell crest, including a handy deific reading light.

The second piece of information worth noting is that as of February next year, I will be working full-time for the Oxford University Press as an assistant scientific editor on their Oxford English Dictionary team. This is incredibly exciting for me, but will also require that I pack up my life and head to the UK. Between now and then we’ll be organising our belongings, selling what we can, packing what we need, and sorting out the many other logistical tangles that pop up when you shift countries - as well as the usual complications of the festive season. However, with my job hunt out of the way, I hope I will have some spare time (and mental cycles) available to both work on a number of different coding projects that I’ve half-abandoned in the last six months, and also write some more on here.

Will the move affect the content of this site? My engagement with coding will likely continue no matter where I live, and I imagine I’ll continue tabletop gaming once I’ve got settled in. I have (perhaps consciously) never really written articles about scientific research on this blog - I tend to keep my day job separate from my hobbies - but it may be that I start writing about the origins of words or how the English language has changed once I start delving into it in my 9-to-5. Regardless of changes, I’ll be keeping this blog around, no worries there.