Freemarket reference sheets

Radio silence! Things have been busy.

Freemarket is a transhumanist science fiction roleplaying game by Luke Crane and Jared Sorensen. Published in 2010, it experienced a brief burst of popularity before dying quickly. These days the game is somewhat abandoned: its website’s domain has expired, the character sheet PDF isn’t to be found on the internet, and its presence on social media is all but zero.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been running a short campaign of Freemarket with some folks in our local gaming group. While the system is sometimes a bit…hard to apply1…the setting is excellent and engaging and quirky and makes you look at problems in a new light.

Since there’s not a huge amount of stuff online to help you run Freemarket, I made some reference sheets. I also ended up vectorising a number of the Freemarket “icons”, yoinked (at low quality) from Daniel Solis’ blog. While the vectorised icons aren’t currently online, I’ve put the sheets up for anyone who wants them.

After a couple of sessions, we’re going to give it a break and play some Dungeon World. It’s a lot easier for me to run DW: partly because I think the rules fit to the fiction better, and partly because of experience. We may return to Freemarket, or I might start hacking it. After all, any setting can be parted from its system.

When you fire up the matter printer, roll +creative…

  1. This could be a whole new post. Maybe it will be. 


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