Oh look some writing

You’re to blame for this, Omni Group.

This morning Omni Group put out their newest edition of their desktop productivity/task-tracking app OmniFocus to great acclaim everywhere on the internet (or at least everywhere on the internet that cares about productivity applications for OS X, a small but very enthusiastic segment). To coincide with the launch they’ve also started a series called Inside Omnifocus, which explores how a number of people from different walks of life use OmniFocus in different ways to generally be better people. The very nice people at Omni Group decided to extend an invitation to me to write for the site, which I happily accepted.

The site went live this morning (my time), and resulted in the above uptick in visitor numbers. So, uh, hello new visitors!

(It occurs to me that a really together blogger would have tagged all their OmniFocus-related entries, and would then be able to forward all new visitors to such a tag page. Maybe soon.)