Perfectly Legal Traders

Eccentric Kayyik landowner and entrepreneur Katok "Mr Vole" Qaniitiyin has his (her? their?) overly-long fingers in a number of different pies. Word is that one of their archaeology skyships just returned from the Remnants with a hold full of ancient Awngi artefacts. The crew took a number of boxes right into Mr Vole’s island compound orbiting Valaria, and immediately after the guard on the estate doubled. Now, you’re not a betting person, but you reckon there’s something mighty valuable sitting in Mr Vole’s basement right about now – something that a number of collectors would pay a pretty penny to obtain.
So you’re going to steal it.

Perfectly Legal Traders is a three-hour one-off session introducing the world (and sytem) of Blueshift, my homebrew science-fiction/fantasy love-letter to the aetherpunk genre. PLT was submitted to (and won) Buckets of Dice 2014’s Scenario Design Competition, and is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike license.