Golden Pie Stories

Golden Sky Stories is a “heartwarming, non-violent role-playing game” that’s all about helping people and making friends. The players take the role of henge, Japanese animal spirits, as they try to help their friends deal with everyday problems. A session of Golden Sky Stories might follow the party as they help a boy recover a ball, or as they organise a party to cheer up a girl whose friend just moved away. Techniques such as dreams and connections allow you to spend time on small interactions, rather than feeling like you have to deal with the main problem right away.

A wolf-henge

Golden Pie Stories is a set of five small adventure seeds I’ve created for Golden Sky Stories. Each of these adventure seeds is related, somehow, to baked goods. There’s not enough to run a whole game in here - just enough to give you some ideas, to let an experienced GM wing a session, or to let a new GM springboard off an idea. In addition, I’ve provided a table of names (in case you need to make up people on the fly) and a list of baked goods that you might find in a rural Japanese town (some traditional, some not so much).

A tanuki, or racoon-dog, with its prize.

Golden Pie Stories has been laid out so you can print the whole thing onto one (double-sided) sheet of A4 paper, make one cut, and arrange it into a little booklet. If your printer has booklet capabilities (or you’ll be reading it on a tablet), you may be able to download the 1-up version of this booklet and print it properly. If not, you may want to grab the 4-up version of this booklet, which can be printed as-is to give you some sweet bookletty goodness.


Did you play a session of Golden Pie Stories? How did you find it? What went well? What needs improvement? Any awesome stories to tell? What other information should I put on that sheet? Let me know in the comments or email me!