Created at
25 February 2024
Last modified
25 February 2024

Species in Chasm:

  • Humans
    • The folks who use to live on the surface around here - nomadic, used the river which is now Lake Ourun, now they either live out in the wilderness and rely on raiding, or live in the city. How have they integrated? How do they not? Which shitty jobs do they end up doing for money?
    • The folks who came here first, survived by mining, and now find themselves part of a large city. How do they differentiate themselves from latecomers? What traditions do they have?
    • The folks who came here since then, businessfolk and artificers.
  • Strange insectoid folks who used to live in the Maw, hunting prey as they scuttled up and down the cliffs. Do they still have their colonies in the depths? What is their presence here like? Do they have an embassy, or do they live here?
  • Humanoids who lived in the shallow caves of the Upper Maw. Like Friends at the Table’s cobbins? How do they related to the human natives? I bet they’re good at mining, and I bet they see none of the proceeds of the mining.
  • What other demihumans do we see here?