Created at
01 February 2024
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04 February 2024

Prep and materials for a setting for potential use in some potential hypothetical Blades in the Dark game happening at some time in the future.


Out in the Iduros badlands, three jagged canyons meet to form a gaping maw, a hole in the earth, a pit whose total depth no one has yet explored. It’s a godforsaken place, and yet the city of Chasm doesn’t just live here, it flourishes.

I guess more here when I have some more.


This city is called Chasm, and it’s a vast, sprawling and dirty mess, a combination of industrial fantasy and cosmic horror. The city sits astride three canyons, which together meet in a giant bottomless pit called The Maw.

It survives on a combination of the mines that dot the sides of the Maw (which extract both iron and the alchemical product known as serpencast), and the business engendered by the Municipal Academy. It’s a city of great industry, from the mines which sit at its centre, to the barges full of coal plying their way to the docks from Lake Ourun, to the smokestacks of the factories. But it’s also a city of artifice, trade, and knowledge.

The key feature which unites Chasm - the Maw which sits in its middle - also divides it. The three canyons branching from the Maw run for miles in all directions, with the smallest ending in Ourun’s Dam and Lake Ourun itself. Each canyon is criss-crossed with footbridges, conveying lines, ropes, and in a couple of cases vast aqueducts, but even these means of conveyance cannot fully link the three districts. As a result, while Chasm has a mayor (with offices located in North Bank), the other two districts of the city pay less attention to them and more to local guilds, businesses, gangs, and religious figures. Nonetheless, it is usually prudent to pay at least lip service to the nominal ruler of the city and their aides - open revolt is frowned upon.


The North Bank

The North Bank is where the city originated. The suburbs of Claim and Upper Steading comprise the true “old town” of the city, being the site of the original mining town, and while most of the original buildings making up the town have come down, there are still some proper heritage sites here.

To the north of the old town is Monument, the centre of Chasm’s bureaucracy