Campaign ideas

Created at
26 March 2024
Last modified
26 March 2024

Whenever you run a roleplaying game you get ideas for campaigns. Here’s my list of campaigns for my current roleplaying group:


A list of systems we should try out

  • World Wide Wrestling RPG
  • Night Witches
  • Monsterhearts
  • Blades in the Dark/Beam Saber


Actual ideas for campaigns

Unnamed 1

Once we ruled the world. Once.

Now we live in isolated pockets, city-states surrounded by jungles and rot. Each city offers up sacrifice to their Guardian, who defends them from the world outside. Caravans crawl along ancient roads, risking life and limb to deliver both old-tech and basic supplies, keeping the lights of civilisation burning.

Every decade or so, another Guardian will fail, their city overtaken by the jungle, strage beasts haunting the fields at night, snatching people and razing buildings. And the refugees will move on to the next city, cramming in closer, cheek by jowl, trying to find somewhere that’s safe.

What do the characters do?

They’re a group of adventurers-for-hire, escorting caravans, examining mysteries, going deep into the jungle to ruins to find out what’s left there. They fight weird corrupted monsters, evade rogue posthuman monsters and distributed-AI swarms, uncover old-tech treasures best left forgotten, and help Guardians achieve their ineffable goals.

Other notes

Could probably be done as a hack of Dungeon World.


  • Hyper Light Drifter
  • NausicaƤ Valley of the Wind
  • Gene Wolf’s Book of the New Sun
  • Emma Mieko Candon’s The Archive Undying
  • Friends at the Table series [Twilight Mirage](